What to Do in a Self Catering Holiday

departure_airport - CopyWhen it comes to self catering on holidays, people like to opt for holiday cottages, as these are the best places to spend your holiday in. For those of you who don’t know, self catering on holiday means that you get to choose a place (an accommodation) that allows you to prepare your own food, and this won’t be possible in a hotel room or in an inn.

Because of this, a cottage is the best choice for those who want to experience self catering. It’s not that you’ll be cooking your own food, but you won’t have to be tied to a meal schedule as you are when you choose to stay in a hotel room or if you choose to go in an all-inclusive.

Let’s see some tips and tricks for self catering on holidays, some things that you could try and see what comes out.

The Picnic Set

Whenever you go in a self catering holiday, don’t forget to get your picnic hamper with you. This will allow you to spend the day wherever you want and still be able to get something to eat. You can go on a trail, on the shore of a lake or directly in a park with your friends, family or with your significant other. You won’t be limited by staying inside and having to cook something, as you can take what you want and eat directly in the nature.


The Games

Catering for yourself also means that you get to do whatever you want, and this includes games and fun activities. Even if many cottages have a collection of games for their visitors, you could still get some with you when you go there, especially if you have a bigger family and small children. The games will keep them occupied while you take care of the food, and when you’re all set, everyone can participate in those fun activities.

The Towels

The cottages usually have a good supply of towels, but it’s better to bring your owns, just in case there are none or if you don’t like what the cottage has to offer. Apart from this, even if there are towels in the cottage, they are usually for being used inside, and not outside at the pool or for lying on a beach. With your own towels for a sunny day at the beach, you won’t be confined to spend the days indoors and you also won’t have to buy a towel for such occasion.

caravan-3-400x280 - CopyCooking Books

A self catering holiday is a great opportunity to learn how to cook or to cook something differently than what you usually offer your family. A holiday cottage usually has everything that is needed for cooking, so all that you’re going to need is represented by the ingredients.

No matter where you choose to spend your holiday, you will surely find a fresh market in the area where you will be able to buy everything that you need. This being said, you can learn to cook those Italian recipes that you’ve always wanted or the recipe that you’ve always wanted to learn but you didn’t had the time.

The truth is that choosing a self catering holiday over an all inclusive one offers you plenty of opportunities to do everything differently, from the choices that you make for spending every day of your vacation to the dishes that you’ll eat and the time when you’ll do it.

Don’t rule out this kind of vacation, because it can prove to be extremely fun and it can also bring all the family closer.